This German potato soup is far more noteworthy than the amount of its parts. The potatoes are cooked with a determination of other winter veg that provide the dish with a great profundity of flavor. The carrots, celeriac, leek and parsley are accessible in Germany in pre-arranged packs known as Suppengrün or Suppengemüse (soup greens, or soup vegetables), and are utilized as a base for a large number of soups and stews.

The vegetables are made rich with the expansion a little cream, and the dish is done off with a Wienerwürstchen, warmed through in water and cut. Wieners in the UK have a somewhat terrible standing; they're generally dubiously straight and sweat-soaked looking, and they don't will more often than not taste of a lot. 

Legitimate German Wieners, then again, can be phenomenal, so purchase all that you can get your hands on, in a perfect world from your butcher, and in the event that you can't find great ones outside Germany, you would like to not utilize them by any stretch of the imagination. The soup is similarly as filling and moreish without the hotdog, and in the event that you trade the hamburger stock for veg, you'll have a brilliant veggie lover soup all things considered.

German Potato Soup | serves 4-6


30g spread

1 huge onion, generally slashed

2 huge carrots (around 200g), generally slashed

1 little piece of celeriac (around 150g), stripped and generally slashed

1 little leek, dull green part disposed of; white part washed completely, split and cleaved

600g floury potatoes (mehligkochend), hacked generally into 2cm pieces

1.25 l stock (meat or vegetable)

1 inlet leaf

Salt and pepper

Newly ground nutmeg

100ml cream (discretionary)

4-6 Wiener hotdogs (1 for every individual)

New parsley, hacked, to decorate


Dissolve the margarine in a huge, weighty pot and add the onions. Cook on a medium intensity, mixing periodically, until clear and becoming brilliant brown. Add the carrots and celeriac, mix to blend in with the onion and coat with the spread, and sweat for 2 minutes. Tip in the leek and potato, blend in with different vegetables, and afterward add the stock, straight leaf, a decent grinding of nutmeg and some salt and newly ground pepper. Cover and pass on to stew for 25 minutes, until every one of the vegetables are delicate (take a stab at squashing a touch of carrot against the side of the pot with the rear of a spoon).

Eliminate the inlet leaf and purée the soup with a stick blender. I like mine smooth, yet you can keep thick assuming that you like. Pour in the cream assuming you're utilizing it, mix, and check for preparing.

For the hotdogs, carry a pot of water to the bubble, switch it off and bring down them in. Leave to warm through for 5 minutes, then eliminate and when they're adequately cool to contact, cut into 5mm-1cm thick pieces. (You can on the other hand add the hotdogs to the soup entire to warm through and serve them with no guarantees, however its diligent effort hacking them up with a spoon in a bowl without getting soup all over the place.


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